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We are an international Strategic Alliance Company between Taiwan and Malaysia that emphasis in Bio Herbal Technology, Entrepreneur Development and Consumer Focus. We have 19 years of entrepreneur development experiences with dynamic and experienced management team from international MNC. In line the growth of IT era in the 21st century, we are now ventured into information technology wealth building business where we will provide wealth, wellness and wisdom to all our business partners.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Benefits of Direct Selling

Research shows some of the most popular reasons people choose direct selling are:

•Direct selling is a good way to meet and socialize with people.
•Direct selling offers flexible work schedules.
•Direct selling is a good way to earn extra income.
•Direct selling is a good way to own a business.
•Earnings are in proportion to efforts.

Anyone can do it.
There are no required levels of education, experience, financial resources or physical condition.

People of all ages and from all backgrounds have succeeded in direct selling.

Direct sellers are independent contractors. You’re your own boss, which means you can:

•Work part-time or full-time - you choose when and how much you want to work.
•Set your own goals and determine yourself how to reach them.
•Earn in proportion to your own efforts. The level of success you can achieve is limited only by your willingness to work hard.
•Own a business of your own with very little or no capital investment.
Receive training and support from an established company.

Kempen Insentif Tunai


In order to serve all our business partners with faster and effective services, it is to inform that all the fast start bonuses will be posted into the E Wallet EVERYDAY after 12.00am with effect from 1st April 2010. Therefore, kindly check all the details on REFERRAL and PLACEMENT are correct before keying into the system as NO FURTHER AMENDMENT will be ALLOWED after the bonuses have been posted into the E Wallet.

With this real time bonus, you can easily transfer your money in the E wallet anytime to your upline or e mobile for withdrawal. However, company will only BANK IN your money ONLY ONCE A WEEK (Every Monday) provided you have made the WITHDRAWAL MONEY REQUEST BY SATURDAY from your 1biz4u account.

Company are not allowed to do any WITHDRAWAL or TRANSFER of money on behalf of any business partners. Therefore, all the WITHDRAWAL or TRANSFER of Money can only be done or requested by the individual ACCOUNT OWNER.

Please CHANGE and REMEMBER your own PASSWORD for security reason. Should any problems occurred concerning with TRANSFER or WITHDRAWAL of money due to the account owner authorized third party or upline to the transaction, company WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE in this matter.

Thank you

Life Without Boundaries! 1biz4u – 1 Business, 1 Success, 1 Dream, 1 Family!

The Management of BLI Holdings Sdn Bhd

Friday, January 22, 2010

Promosi Kempen untuk Plan Tradisi

Promosi Kempen untuk Plan Tradisi(1 January 2010 - 28 Feb 2010)

Promotion Campaign for Traditional Plan(1 January 2010 -28 Feb 2010)

Kempen Promosi E-Mobil

E-Mobile Promotion Campaingn (1 January 2010 - 31 March 2010)

Kempen Promosi E-Mobil (1 January 2010 - 31 March 2010)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kempen Pegenalan E-Mobile

Kempen Pengenalan E-Mobil

Memperkenalkan 1 E-Mobil yang berjaya, dapat RM 300 Voucher Produck(bergantung kepada harga jualan, Tiada BV)

E-Mobile Introduction Campaign

Introduce 1 Succussful E-Mobile get RM 300 Product Voucher (based on selling price, NO BV)

Thursday, December 3, 2009